Thursday, July 17, 2008

Useful Garbage

Spiritual Truths from Contemporary Life to Build You Up

I was thinking…

Can garbage become useful? Can waste turn a profit? Can what we don’t need generate what do we do need?

It’s happening, with new technology. Much garbage, collected and compressed over the years is slowly turning to fuel that can heat homes and cook meals.

Bio-technology turns a trash burial project into a huge plus for their community. They lay pipes into the garbage which pump in landfill liquid to saturate the trash and make a better food source for naturally occurring organisms. As the organisms feed on the on the organic material in the trash, gas is produced. A second series of pipes extract the gas, send it to a processing plant, where carbon dioxide is separated from methane. Methane gas is the main component of natural gas. Thus, waste becomes useful.

You and I have “wasted-sides” of our lives. Wasted years, wasted work, even wasted sorrows. Some times we have actually thrown away what we thought was not useful to us—especially times of stresses and experiences of suffering.

And yet, God is able to turns waste into power; worthlessness into usefulness; pain into gain. If you’d like to know that God can really perform this miraculous change, you have no recourse than to entrust yourself to His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who runs this incredible plan of transformation—changing weakness to strength, scars to stars, life-waste to life power.

What do you think?

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Ramesh Richard