Monday, November 30, 2009

Your Father

The story is told in Spain of a father and his teenage son who had a relationship that had become strained. So the son ran away from home.

His father, however, began a journey in search of his rebellious son. Finally, in Madrid, in a last desperate effort to find him, the father put an ad in the newspaper. The ad read. "Dear Paco, meet me in front of the newspaper office at noon. All is forgiven. I love you.” It was simply signed, “your father."

The next day at noon in from of the newspaper office 800 "Pacos" showed up. "Paco" is a common name, a term of endearment, that fathers use for their kids. All these Pacos seeking forgiveness and love from their fathers.

The great hunger for God's forgiveness is similar. Forgiveness from God is freely available by God's invitation.

Are you willing to receive forgiveness of sin from God? Please contact me and we’ll continue this discussion.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Forgiveness Found

A famous illustration comes from Corrie Ten Boom, the grand dame of the Christian faith who lived through the Holocaust years in Germany.

She says, "It was 1947... I had come from Holland to defeated Germany with the message that God forgives. It was the truth they needed most to hear in that bitter, bombed-out land and I gave them my favorite mental picture. Maybe because the sea is never far from a Hollander's mind, I like to think that's where forgiven sins are thrown. "When we confess our sins God casts them into the deepest ocean, gone forever...Then God places a sign out there that says No Fishing Allowed!"

My friend, do you want to be released from the prison of sin and guilt? Do you want your sins to be thrown away like a javelin? Well the Bible says, "God is no longer interested in them. Your sins become of no account.

How does one receive God's forgiveness? Go to my website and we’ll explore the answer together.

Monday, November 16, 2009

God's Forgiveness

You are grateful that not everyone knows all the things you have done. You are very thankful that even the ones closest to you are unaware of your history. If they only knew, you would be finished as a public servant. You are afraid as to who will emerge one of these days to excavate your past and wash and dry your dirty linen in public. You are grateful that you have not been found out by men. But you wonder, "will God every forgive me?"

You can be forgiven. The Bible says, "Forgiveness is possible." No other book of religion will tell you the glorious thought that God can and will forgive you justly and completely.

Forgiveness! Oh how much we need it! Can and will God forgive?

Here’s some good news: God can and will forgive you because forgiveness is God's character.

Second, God can and will forgive because He has provided for the penalty of your sin.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Is There Forgiveness?

Perhaps it was a wrongful relationship, premarital or extramarital, which you entered. You gave yourself without reserve to this person who violated the sanctity of your body and devastated your spiritual life. Oh! By the way, you were not only victim, you were also perpetrator; you caused the other person to sin. Now you wonder if God will ever forgive.

Perhaps, it is a wrongful habit which enslaves you. You know full well that it is wrong--spiritually, mentally, and monetarily. The habit is not beneficial to you--it could be cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, glamor, greed, shopping, acquisitiveness, sleeping around, and autoeroticism. But you are unwilling to give it up. And even if you are, you wonder, "Will God accept me? And forgive me?"

Or maybe it is an evil mind that you possess. Thoughts of anger, lust, pride, restlessness, anxiety, or hate fills your mind often. And you are wondering--our God who knows all, can He ever forgive you?

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Seeking Forgiveness

The penitentiary is a dungeon, a hole, where human beings are held hostage to their own past. A spiritual penal institution envelopes you in when you don't sense forgiveness in your life.

"Forgiveness," someone said, "is man's deepest need and highest achievement." I have found this to be true all over the world. Indeed in some parts of the world, they only want to hear a word of forgiveness because forgiveness is not taught in their religion, not experienced in their life, though they are penalized by past sin and wrong doings.

We need forgiveness because no one is innocent. We all know that somehow we have not come up to God's expectations of us. We have disappointed his wishes; let him down in his desires for us; broken his prescriptions; have not met all of God's demands of human beings. We have fallen short of that which brings him glory?

Do you think you have possibly done something in your life that is beyond forgiveness?