Monday, February 22, 2010

The Great Deceiver

The most dangerous prison of all is the one you're told does not exist.

Since it is not scientifically verifiable, some cultures dismiss this prison as untrue. Yet other cultures find this prison to be very true. They have seen evidences all around them. Unpredictable evidences, but evidences for sure.

I refer to a prison which Satan constructs around human beings. Books speak about Satan in horror stories. Horror movies carry Satan as a regular theme.

Even though we attempt to dismiss Satan or belittle him, we can't.

Let me ask you. Do you sense Satan as your task master? Are doing what he wants you to do?

As you may know, Satan is the evil angel, the ultimate evil power of the universe, who stands against God in everything and every way. Satan attempts to thwart God's purposes in your life.

How do you counter such a foe? Contact me and we’ll learn how do defeat him together.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Are you bored today? Do you lack interest in continuing your existence? You are in the prison of boredom, shackled by a lack of interest in life.

Boredom's prison is not necessarily meaninglessness. A person can be very active and still carry on a meaningless life. But a bored person is not an active person.

Boredom's prison is not necessarily despair. It can lead to it. But a lot of bored people are simply disinterested in life, without despairing about it. There is nothing to look forward to, nothing we desire.

It’s not living without purpose that is meaninglessness. It’s living without activity. It’s existing, not living. A bored man does not pursue a wrong cause. He has no cause. The engine is running, but life is in neutral. He goes forward or backward according to the slant or slope on the road. He stops when he crashes and stays there. He needs someone to pull him out.

I know the one who can pull you out.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Living Life

Yesterday, I saw a cartoon. "God has a set number of things that he wants us to do. But I am so far behind, that at this rate, I will never die."
The cartoonist was playing a joke with words and concepts. He felt he was unable to do all the things that God wanted him to do because there were a set number of things that he felt he had to do in this life. Since he was so busy and behind, there would be no way by which he could die, before he did his number of things. George Santayana, the Harvard philosopher, said, "There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

I wish we knew the number of things we have to do. That is the unknown quantity. None of us is promised tomorrow. We don't know if we have already accomplished all the things we ought to do. Perhaps, we are already living in bonus time.

Monday, February 1, 2010


It’s a temptation, it’s an intoxicant, it is a trap. It is a sedative, it is addictive. It is seductive and it is appealing. We don't normally look at it that way, but what begins an assumption becomes a right; what starts as an occupation, preoccupies us. It is the drug, the drink, the engine of open, stable economies.

I refer to success. Success; the all pervasive assumption and ability of contemporary modern men and women. We believe we have a right to it, whatever it is, at whatever cost. We never question its validity. If we do not experience success in one way, we will pursue success in another way. Success equals life. What is a life without success? Success is life, because success in life is life.

You ask a man on the street to define success. He would define it in terms of prestige, power, and possessions or in some combination of them.

Is success really what you need to be successful?