Saturday, September 27, 2008

Global Financial Crisis: Theology for History

I was thinking

Whole nations, at least the entire world of finance and investment, are presently watching the unraveling of money—the “only critical ingredient of life!” No one knows what to do. Politicians are acting without integrity—but that is not new. Large banks are having to assert their liquidity, and the louder the assertions, the harder it is to believe them!

No one wants to acknowledge that we have reached the limits of intellectual ability. We constantly run to history to guide us. And yet, the valuable lessons of history seem to be irrelevant to an entirely new hyper-global reality.

While history can give counsel for the present, the past was never adequate to control present decisions. Earlier circumstances were unique, just like today’s conditions are unusual.

God places socio-political-economic history at His feet. Nations and leaders (the best and most powerful) seek to shed His authority (Psalm 2:2), but that’s a bad move that invites quick judgment. “We should have seen it coming, only I didn’t think it would come so fast,” expressed an investment banking expert. Certainly, like that Psalm notes, “the nations are in tumultuous rage.” Yesterday, a rumor caused panicked hundreds to run to their banks in order to withdraw their money. “Imaginary vanity” consumes the finest financial minds of the world as they deal with a pace of change and depth of complexity never before experienced.

What can humanity do then? They can run to the bank; and the bankers can run to history. Instead, the Psalmist challenges us to run to the Maker of all reality—past, present and future; peoples, times, and places; and throw themselves at His feet in need. If we are wise, we will immediately give homage to the Son; we will “kiss His feet” so that God’s just wrath will be quenched. Indeed there is hope, as the Psalm continues, “Happy will be all who take refuge in Him” (v. 12).

What do you think?

If you are willing to sincerely do homage to God’s Son today, would you contact us? Even if you do not know who God’s Son is, we may just be able to point you to Him.


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Other Half

I was thinking…

Technology entrepreneurs, firms, and investors are banding together to bring internet access to 3 billion people—the other half of the world not presently able to connect to this basic and fast source of information. Called the O3B (“Other 3 billion”), the project will make fast fiber internet access networks available where it does not exist or is simply too expensive.

Satellite%2008, originally uploaded by john_dulaney.

An incredible space-placed undertaking drawn from 16 low-earth orbit satellites, the O3B will cover all points, places, and people, from 45 degrees north of the equator to 45 degrees south of it.

Though this project of high-speed, low-cost internet connectivity is not completely altruistic—investors are attracted by technological sophistication and pent-up demand –it is still a worthwhile project.

To me the grand project seems like a classic confluence of “doing well while doing good”—i.e, doing economically well while at the same time doing social good.

I was wondering if an unwritten urge, an unarticulated impulse, an unstated wish stimulates this human project. Perhaps, in this world of human dignity and depravity, there is still a compelling desire to meet people’s rights to access any information even more than an investor’s economic need to turn a large profit.

In fact, humans urgently need and possess a right to some information about God. Your human need and right to information about divine initiatives to eternally rescue you, compels me to send you this message. All, free of cost, without economically profiting from this gesture. For unless you hear, you can’t believe, and unless I share the good news with you, you can’t know. Want to know? Freely and Quickly? You may be in the O3B in a spiritual manner of speaking. Contact me.

What do you think?

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Fear --> A New Headline for Today’s News

Three newspapers I regularly read seem to have copied headlines from each other this last week of September 2008. Key repeated words include: crisis, panic, turmoil, woes, and fears. Recurring phrases in editorials include “day of reckoning,” “uncertain fate,” and “runaway greed.”

Disappointed, originally uploaded by K├Ânrad.

There has not been a global financial crisis like this one in recent memory, especially since the whole world became financially integrated. Some experts are terming the crisis a “financial tsunami,” or a “financial 9/11,” though no losses of life have (yet) been reported with the crunch, squeeze, and downturn. Yes, there have been losses of job, confidence, and pride, but we don’t want to equate them with the huge losses of life, even one life, that physical disasters bring on the human race.

Decisive, quick action by those in responsible authority is needed to assure global human well-feeling. During hard times like these humans don’t feel well. They feel unsafe, uncertain, and unstable. They have to redefine what they believe provides stability in the present and security for the future.

In God’s Word, stabilizing the present and securing the future comes from rightly relating to the only One who stands above all earthly circumstance, across history, geography, and economics. I go to an all-time favorite of God’s people to provide us a new headline.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1) should be super-imposed on disturbing news headlines. God is our shelter and strength, our stability and security in every form of trouble. He is our very present help in peril, and as the future becomes present continues as our present help in tribulation.

If you are not assured of a right relationship with God, please contact us. If you are assured of a right relationship with God, please let us know too. Perhaps, we can connect our readers with each other. We look forward to showing you how you can find hope from a new headline that is just as real as today’s news.

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Monday, September 8, 2008


Spiritual Truths from Contemporary Life to Build You Up

I was thinking…

While in Jordan, my articulate, handsome guide pointed to the world’s tallest flagpole adorned with the national flag, one that “could be seen from any point in Amman.” We visitors sensed the pride that this giant flag would evoked among patriots.

Amman, originally uploaded by Trek the World.

In a flurry of flag-pole building activity, several national capitals across the Middle East and Central Asia are presently competing for the world’s tallest flag-pole claim. Indeed, the best-known super-tall, flag-pole builder is busy with clients from all over the region. They are soliciting his services while begging him not to build a taller one for at least one year after a nation breaks the record! 1 Those governments who are willing to hold the record for only a few weeks get a cost discount! And yet all of them try to “keep the record as long as they can…it’s a pride thingAH.”

Here’s what I think about pride-driven projects. Pride is the original and native problem of human existence. Pride is the great anti-God state of mind in sufficiency of the self over God; and an anti-people way of life in superiority of self over others. Pride gets us into great trouble with God and others.

Pride-taken after a project is accomplished is more justifiable than a pride-driven project from its startAH.

What do you think?

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