Monday, September 28, 2009

Money Prison

Benjamin Franklin was known to have said, "He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money."

Think through that statement. It is the fundamentalist belief of money religion. I would like to make that statement stronger. "He who thinks money can do anything, will do anything for money!" If you are willing to do anything for money, you are in the prison of money.

This is one prison we like. Because it is the only prison, in which we think we have power inside the prison.

The prison walls of money are not a sham. They are invisible, but they really are there. We start believing there are no such walls, and behaving like there are no such walls, only to find ourselves so deeply entrenched in the money-prison. The rest of your life is simply spent, generating and spending money. You wake up one morning to justify the day, having won the whole world but having lost your own soul.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tempted by Success

Success; it’s a temptation, it’s an intoxicant, it is a trap. It is a sedative, it is a palliative, it is addictive. It is seductive, it is confusing, it is appealing.

Success is the all pervasive assumption and ability of contemporary modern men and women. We believe we have a right to it, whatever it is, at whatever cost. We never question its validity, because it gives us vitality. Success equals life. What is a life without success?

If you ask a man on the street to define success. He would define it in terms of prestige, power, and possessions or in some combination of them. You would notice that prestige; power and possessions connect to each other coherently, consistently. Those who carry prestige, also own power and possessions. Those who hold power hold prestige and possessions. And those who have access to possessions gain power and prestige from them.

But can success bring you salvation?

Monday, September 14, 2009


A British sailor became trapped in the mud of the Thames Estuary in London. He suddenly remembered that he had a mobile phone to overcome his immobility. He dialed for help and summoned a rescuer. He was rescued just as the high tide was lapping around his neck.

Trying to live by good laws is like trying to swim in high tide with the water lapping around your neck.

You try every maneuver they teach you in the swimming classes that you ought to use, but you are about to be drowned. All you need to do is call for help to the one who has beaten the law problem, the tide problem.

You too have become immobile and imprisoned by the law. You can't get out of this entrapment. You want out. But you can dial God’s Son for help. He is known as the rescuer, the redeemer, the releaser. Just as high tide is lapping around your neck, you can be rescued.

Monday, September 7, 2009

In Need of Mercy

A lady, after receiving the proofs of her portrait, became very angry with the photographer. She walked back to he photographer, threw his picture on his table and said: "This picture does not do me justice!" The photographer replied, "Madam, with a face like yours, you don't need justice, you need mercy!"

The point is clear. With a record like yours against a perfect law, you don't need justice. You need mercy. The law is merciless. It will only dispense justice. But God’s Son has intervened on your behalf. Because he has met the criteria of the law, he has redeemed you.

"A fish is free in the water, but leave him on the sand, and he perishes."

You were made to live in spiritual water, not stay on the desert sand. God places you in the spiritual environments that were made for your spirit, so you can please Him rather than be imprisoned by law. He can release you from the law.