Monday, April 27, 2009

The Purpose Giver

The purpose-giver is your Creator. He made you with a purpose in mind. He didn't make you to be wondering and wandering in this world without moorings and rootedness. He made you with a distinct purpose to accomplish, with a purpose in mind.

So, you must relate to your Creator in order to discover your purpose and be liberated from the prison of purposelessness.

How can you relate to your Creator?

Normally, you can't. Because you have distanced yourself from him in so many ways, he is hidden from your sight. Because you have not followed his purposes, he is not accessible to you. Because you have attempted to fulfill your own purposes, you have left him out of your life.

I have good news for you, my friend. Since you want to find purpose, and since you are convinced you must relate to the purpose giver, the news is "he is reachable; he is findable; he is approachable."

The purpose-giver has reached you, found you, and approached you. The purpose-giver is also the Savior.

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