Monday, June 15, 2009

Freedom From the Law

Let's say you are swimming in a lake late at night and are drowning. You come up for air and shout for help.

The person on the shore reads the law to you, "Code B, Section 1, says, "Swimming is prohibited in this area after 6:00p.m." He might make you feel guilty, but that is all. The law cannot save you from drowning.

When we don't have the power to meet the laws of God that are written on our hearts, we only feel guilty. Any religion, person, society and culture can make laws. The question is how those who are living under the law can meet the law.

They can't, unless they die! i.e., when they are no longer under its jurisdiction.

What does it mean to die? Well, you have to die to your own ways of meeting the expectations of God. You have to give up any ambition that you can please God by meeting His law with your own power.

Then He will give you the power to follow His laws.

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