Monday, August 3, 2009

The Penalty and the Payment

The parable is told of a just and benevolent king who noticed that money was missing from his treasury. He called for the culprit to confess and receive his punishment of 50 lashes with a whip.

The person caught was the king's mother. He was a just king, so he wouldn't change the sentence. His men brought his mother before him. She was guilty. He announced the sentence. The crowd gasped--because a woman, the king's mother would be lashed.

It was just then that the king did the unmentionable thing. He disrobed, took of his royal clothes, stepped to the punishment chamber and took the 50 lashes as the crowd moaned.

The standards could not be changed. Because he was loving, he took the punishment on himself.

The Bible says that God’s Son was the One who took what you deserved. You need to accept his provision for your penalty. And then you shall be set free from the law prison.

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