Monday, October 12, 2009

False Security

Money wants to be the focus of your life. It lays down its own rules. When your convictions conflict with it, it reminds you that you are in prison, and who the jail keeper is. Therefore, you must obey it; not the other way around. After all, prison wardens never yield to prisoners.
The human being is so resilient that he will adjust to any situation--good or bad; and even try to make the bad good. This too happens in prison. Prisoners attempt to start enjoying prison as their way of handling the difficulties of prison. That says much about the prisoner's characteristics, but not much about the prison.

It’s the same way with money, the jail keeper. Since you are willing to adjust to its rule and role, you will eventually start making peace with it and liking your prison status.

Money gives a false-sense of well-being--illusion, of self-sufficiency in prison. I can introduce you to the only one who can set you free.

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