Monday, December 14, 2009


If you want purpose in life, you must have a destination in mind.

The Air Show is a useful feature in international travel. It used to be that only the pilot would give you a quick verbal chart of the trip. Now, a world map on the monitors tracks your journey--from start to finish. The monitors give the following information:

Distance to destination
Time to Destination
Local time at Destination
Ground Speed
Outside Temperature

Without a destination in mind, the first three features would be impossible--there would no distance left, time left, or local time to destination. The next three would be meaningless. It really doesn't matter at what speed, what height you travel, what the outside temperature is, if you are not going any place.

Yet your life seems to be a saga of all dressed up and no place to go. You know your ground speed, your altitude, and the outside temperature, but how long can you keep the plane flying?


John Weir said...

I know that God has a plan for my life through experiences I have had since coming to know Him. And accepting Jesus as my Saviour and Lord. These I can only describe as 'Divine Intervention' - they have awed and excited me.
So, it seems His plan for me is to continuously praise and glorify Him. By doing this I have a burning desire to want to bring others to Him. That they too, may know, what a great and awesome being He is. All praise and thanks be to You, oh God!

Kelcy Snyckers said...

I didn’t think I would EVER find as much meaning in life as I have living in Canada and working for the Lord. In Oct 08 I gave up a successful career in real estate to follow what i believe to be a calling of God:- I am now involved as Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Village Ministries ( helping educate women and children in trades in Liberia, W Africa and spreading the Gospel simultaneously. I ma finding the Lord is opening up avenues to share the Good News right here in this little city as I work to get Village Ministries exposed and "on the map" in Victoria. God gives us direct experience with Him DAILY and I never thought that walking with Him would be such an exciting and fulfilling experience! Praise Yeshua!