Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mortality Inequality

I was thinking…

“Mortality inequality” is the phrase used to describe higher rates of death among genders (women and girls compared to men and boys) or socio-economic strata (poorer compared to richer countries), or other longevity factors (medical care, food, and social services).

I recall going to an impoverished country in West Africa, filled with beautiful people, whose male life-span at that time was a meager 29, and female life span at 32. By their standards, I was already living in my bonus years! Fortunately, that country has made significant strides toward lengthening life.

What the phrase is really addressing is “life-span inequality” or “quality of life inequality”. We must do all we can to provide equity of life-span and quality-of life.

However, mortality has never been unequal. The fact of death is always one-to-one. We are all equal at death. Can any liberate us from the curse, the sting, the reality of physical death?

What do you think?


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Ashley Self said...

I am so thrilled to see that we can follow your current "thinking." We love and appreciate you!

Jeremy and Ashley