Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wasted Power

I was thinking…

“Scientists across the world are seeking ways to turn waste heat from motor vehicles into power, to achieve lower carbon dioxide emissions and lower fuel consumption.”

All the best scientists! We are waiting for this and other answers to the huge energy crisis overwhelming our world at the moment. Hopefully, this and other crises will be solved before long, making this dated news.

I’ve got spiritual good news for you. Even though your full spiritual capacity is being wasted at this very moment, God has provided for a spiritual thermoelectric converter to take your wasting life and turn it into a powerful, purposeful life. All your spiritual electrical needs can be met by His Spirit who first converts you to generate His life in you. Then your sinful, polluting carbon dioxide emissions will be lowered. It will take less of your own resources to live your life, because God’s spiritual resources will compensate for your life’s lacks.

What do you think?

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