Monday, May 11, 2009

Dealing with Bitterness

Let me ask you, who is at the other end of your resentment? It may be your spouse or a former spouse. Resentment against parents or children; against in laws; against colleague or friends --even a one time best friend.

Unforgiveness and bitterness imprisons you from the inside.

You may have heard of arteriosclerosis--"the hardening of the arteries"--which involves the hardening, thickening and the loss of elasticity in the walls of blood vessels. Unfortunately, it is possible to suffer a non-physical arteriosclerosis--a spiritual hardening of the arteries--where obstruction comes gradually.

Resentment rises up and bitterness builds up--eventuating in a spiritual stroke. You become weak, paralyzed, and immobile.

The flow of friendship and the links of love are blocked. Both your head and heart are affected. You may find that you need nothing short of a surgeon's knife--a spiritual by-pass surgery--to control the problem.

And major surgery is always radical, but the divine doctor can make it a success. Of course, you must follow the doctor's instructions for speedy recuperation and future prevention.

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