Monday, May 18, 2009

Open Doors

I read how several people had survived being imprisoned in vehicles for days. One man was trapped in his car in snowdrifts as high as 10 feet and was found by a road crew after 41 hours. A woman was imprisoned in her car for 60 hours after a one-car wreck on an isolated road. Yet another was imprisoned in his smashed car in water under a bridge for 72 hours

Did you know that you are like each of these imprisoned people? Imprisoned, doing everything you can to get out.

We have talked about how imprisonment can come from your own choices, your parents choices, and humanity's choices. Just by being born, you are born unfree.. But there is another prison -- the prison of morality as meritorious, keeping the Law to find rescue.

Well the truth is God’s Son became the great rescuer from the prison of the Law. He clears out the snow, finds you and opens the prison doors.

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