Monday, July 6, 2009


The best way to become worthy before God is to follow His laws -- or so we think.
Now this is much better than people who don't care at all for God's laws or any one else's laws. They are called SCOFFLAWS.

Recently, the police caught up with such a man in New York City--he had several hundred parking tickets and traffic citations that he had not paid. They stopped him for using a card-board license plate.

He said the car belonged to a friend and that he had borrowed it. Asked for his name, he gave them his real name. Took him to the police station and they printed out all his faults and it took almost two hours of printing!

SCOFFLAWS break the law many times--they scoff at the law--that's why they are called scoff laws. They believe they are in authority. They have pushed the self-destruct button.

They’ve said a farewell to God and God simply lets them be, to be themselves.

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