Monday, July 20, 2009

Wrong Motivation

KEEPLAWS are as bad as SCOFFLAWS because both views are externally oriented. KEEPLAWS are convinced that they can keep the external laws. They work through their list. They go to enormous lengths to prove their ability.

--They go to their temple, church, or mosque regularly

--They say their prayers at home and in public
--They give to charity. They never turn away the poor
--They tolerate those who do evil against them

All these laws are external and are put into practice externally. Those of us who watch these near-perfect creatures are simply aghast at what they are able to do. But their inner motivation is not evident.

Inner motivation of Keeplaws could be pride based or manipulative.

Keeping external laws are checkmated and canceled by your internal position as one inclined to do evil, as one who has done wrong, as one facing a death sentence. You see laws not only relate to external actions, but to internal motivations.

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