Monday, September 21, 2009

Tempted by Success

Success; it’s a temptation, it’s an intoxicant, it is a trap. It is a sedative, it is a palliative, it is addictive. It is seductive, it is confusing, it is appealing.

Success is the all pervasive assumption and ability of contemporary modern men and women. We believe we have a right to it, whatever it is, at whatever cost. We never question its validity, because it gives us vitality. Success equals life. What is a life without success?

If you ask a man on the street to define success. He would define it in terms of prestige, power, and possessions or in some combination of them. You would notice that prestige; power and possessions connect to each other coherently, consistently. Those who carry prestige, also own power and possessions. Those who hold power hold prestige and possessions. And those who have access to possessions gain power and prestige from them.

But can success bring you salvation?

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