Monday, September 7, 2009

In Need of Mercy

A lady, after receiving the proofs of her portrait, became very angry with the photographer. She walked back to he photographer, threw his picture on his table and said: "This picture does not do me justice!" The photographer replied, "Madam, with a face like yours, you don't need justice, you need mercy!"

The point is clear. With a record like yours against a perfect law, you don't need justice. You need mercy. The law is merciless. It will only dispense justice. But God’s Son has intervened on your behalf. Because he has met the criteria of the law, he has redeemed you.

"A fish is free in the water, but leave him on the sand, and he perishes."

You were made to live in spiritual water, not stay on the desert sand. God places you in the spiritual environments that were made for your spirit, so you can please Him rather than be imprisoned by law. He can release you from the law.


Domenic Marbaniang said...

Dear Dr. Ramesh,

Is it possible to have a "Follow" widget added to this blog?

Thanks for the posts!

At His Feet,

Ramesh Richard said...

Dear Domenic,

Thank you for your kind request. You are actually able to follow this blog by clicking "Follow Blog" at the top of the page. Please let me know if you need further assistance! We are glad to have you as a reader!

The Ramesh Richard Team

Ebenezer said...

A good msg indeed. The demands of The Law and grace available thru Christ.