Thursday, November 3, 2011

What are Your Foundational Values?

We can transliterate truth to beliefs, and translate beliefs into action points, but it takes a vital relationship with God to transfer truths and beliefs into foundational values and first floor activity in life.

"O LORD, do good to those who are good, whose hearts are in tune with You." - The Bible (Psalm 125:4)

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Dhanvin R.barot said...

I speak on the ultimate issues of life to tens of thousands of people- including business, government, academic, professional, and religious leaders- every year, all over the world.

I am an inspirational speaker, a spiritual philosopher, and a practical author. I have two doctorate degrees (a Ph.D. in philosophy and a Th.D. in systematic theology).

I believe there is a spiritual void in all of our souls that can only be mended supernaturally. Each of us has a hole in our heart. It is part of human nature. We try to fill it with money or work or education or romance, but nothing seems to do.

I believe that by uncovering and facing the spiritual void in our lives, we can allow God to repair and relieve the natural longing for completeness that resides in us all. God put that void there for our own sake, to draw us closer to Him. And He is the only one who can fill it.

a spiritual philosopher - In spirituality philosophy does not exist.Basis of my belief is experience through meditation and my living for the welfare of brothers and sister all over the world.And to free them from the cycle of life and death.The one who eats drug knows the knows the feeling after it reaches the brain-With Love and Obeisance - Jai Prabhu