Friday, March 6, 2009

All You Need

We don't know all that we need to know. Could we know all that is right to know? How can we decide and who can decides what is right, let alone knowing what is right to know?

Usually, cultures, background, training, makes us comfortable with what we think is right. We are trained by those around us. Culture is a thing of the mind. Some of us like to eat with our hands, others with spoon and forks, and yet others with chop sticks!

I can make a case that eating with the hands is the right way because that is the original way, using what is called the original or first is the right way fallacy. In this error, I would commit what someone called the chronological snobbery.

However, chronological snobbery is sometimes used by younger cultures, who say that what is newer is better because it is newer. This kind of snobbishness doesn't establish anything except the person's snobbishness. Of course, if I think my way is right because it is my way; that is the height of pride and error.

So, what is right who is right?

Actually, it takes God to know all there is to know. But it also takes God, for us to know all we need to know and all that is right to know.

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