Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is Your Destiny Written?
Slum Dog Millionaire’s Reality Show

Ramesh Richard PhD Thd

The phrase, “It is written,” frames both ends of Slum Dog Millionaire which claimed every worthy movie award in 2009. The story warms the hearts of young millions of India (and the world over) in karmic conviction: nothing can stop destiny.

Yet that same conviction generates frustration among the disadvantaged over being left out of the good life. A deep sense of injustice from an impersonal “it is written” causes confusion, resignation, even laziness in the present circumstance. If all circumstances of life are impersonally written, then one had better resign to the present situation. If one’s own and other’s situations are impersonally written, then nothing needs to motivate our initiative to personally succeed, or to help others who are caught in what is impersonally written and inexorably enforced. One’s best options are to try the hand of luck, for who knows, lucky breaks could have been written into one’s story.

Contrary to a fatalistic, impersonal happening of life, the Bible speaks about a personal writing of each human life. “In your book were written all the days that were formed for me, when none of them as yet existed” (Psalm 139:16).

A personal sovereign God has written a book on all reality, including your life. Just like SDM’s original story was written by a creative author with a thought and a plot; and just like the movie director adapted and produced the award-winning movie, God has authored and produces your life. Just like nothing in the book or the movie happens without meaning, nothing happens to any of us by impersonal forces at work. A personal, all-loving, all-knowing and all-powerful God, has personally developed the theme and the plot of your life.

God is concerned about you, and the details of your life. He has planned for them and provided for them. You are not left to resignation nor randomness, but to discovery, and action. God’s sovereignty includes your freedom to choose as well as facing the consequences of your choice. In fact, when the Bible uses the phrase, “it is written,” it is to point to a body of writing that relates God’s story and his plan for the human race.

If we judge ourselves worthy of eternal life then we would humbly accept His provision for His personal purpose for us. God sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, as part of His story for humanity and to provide for your entire story, from now to eternity. He has not only written in the length of our days in his book; he has written out the way we need to live for the rest of our days. You are a part of plan that you don’t fully know, but is working itself out daily, not impersonally, but in a supervised manner. Indeed you know the Person who wrote the plan.

You can choose to believe SDM’s view of reality—a life based on an impersonal “it is written;” or one which views circumstances knowing that the creative, power of a Personal Author has woven an award-winning story around your life. Now, you can realize that your life is already filled with meaning, and you can begin to live it with purpose and initiative. I invite you to a confident, hope-filled, intentional relationship with the Sovereign God. The phrase, “it is written,” assumes a Writer. Write me at the website above.

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