Friday, March 20, 2009

The Fundamentals

I have a son who was always impatient with his school. He constantly asked me why we should go to school. "School is useless," he would complain. I told him he needed to go to school to get knowledge about the basics of life, things like two plus two is four. He of course replied, "But I already know that. Shall I stop going to school now?"

"NO," I said, "There are more basics to know." He asked, "if we are only studying the basics, when will get done with studying the basics?"

In one sense we will never be done, for what is basic to one discipline may be advanced for another discipline.

Jesus has given us the basics of the basics of what we need to know. He answers the fundamental, intellectual questions. All you need to know is the truth about yourself and the truth about right and wrong.

How do I find out all I need to know and that is right for me to know? Turn to Jesus for direction for this intellectual impediment. He will tell you all you should know about yourself; reveal things about you from His Word, the Bible, that gives you deep insight, as to how you have been put together; what makes you function. How you can be freed from your moral bondage. The answer is actually quite simple. Get to know Jesus.

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