Monday, November 16, 2009

God's Forgiveness

You are grateful that not everyone knows all the things you have done. You are very thankful that even the ones closest to you are unaware of your history. If they only knew, you would be finished as a public servant. You are afraid as to who will emerge one of these days to excavate your past and wash and dry your dirty linen in public. You are grateful that you have not been found out by men. But you wonder, "will God every forgive me?"

You can be forgiven. The Bible says, "Forgiveness is possible." No other book of religion will tell you the glorious thought that God can and will forgive you justly and completely.

Forgiveness! Oh how much we need it! Can and will God forgive?

Here’s some good news: God can and will forgive you because forgiveness is God's character.

Second, God can and will forgive because He has provided for the penalty of your sin.

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eph_5_14 said...

Dear Ramesh,
It is amazing about God's timing. Just removed from prison volunteering early this morning to find your enCOURAGEment of not doing good for the wrong reasons and see your blog on prison. Thank you for your love to God and people. AW