Monday, November 9, 2009

Is There Forgiveness?

Perhaps it was a wrongful relationship, premarital or extramarital, which you entered. You gave yourself without reserve to this person who violated the sanctity of your body and devastated your spiritual life. Oh! By the way, you were not only victim, you were also perpetrator; you caused the other person to sin. Now you wonder if God will ever forgive.

Perhaps, it is a wrongful habit which enslaves you. You know full well that it is wrong--spiritually, mentally, and monetarily. The habit is not beneficial to you--it could be cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, glamor, greed, shopping, acquisitiveness, sleeping around, and autoeroticism. But you are unwilling to give it up. And even if you are, you wonder, "Will God accept me? And forgive me?"

Or maybe it is an evil mind that you possess. Thoughts of anger, lust, pride, restlessness, anxiety, or hate fills your mind often. And you are wondering--our God who knows all, can He ever forgive you?

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