Saturday, September 27, 2008

Global Financial Crisis: Theology for History

I was thinking

Whole nations, at least the entire world of finance and investment, are presently watching the unraveling of money—the “only critical ingredient of life!” No one knows what to do. Politicians are acting without integrity—but that is not new. Large banks are having to assert their liquidity, and the louder the assertions, the harder it is to believe them!

No one wants to acknowledge that we have reached the limits of intellectual ability. We constantly run to history to guide us. And yet, the valuable lessons of history seem to be irrelevant to an entirely new hyper-global reality.

While history can give counsel for the present, the past was never adequate to control present decisions. Earlier circumstances were unique, just like today’s conditions are unusual.

God places socio-political-economic history at His feet. Nations and leaders (the best and most powerful) seek to shed His authority (Psalm 2:2), but that’s a bad move that invites quick judgment. “We should have seen it coming, only I didn’t think it would come so fast,” expressed an investment banking expert. Certainly, like that Psalm notes, “the nations are in tumultuous rage.” Yesterday, a rumor caused panicked hundreds to run to their banks in order to withdraw their money. “Imaginary vanity” consumes the finest financial minds of the world as they deal with a pace of change and depth of complexity never before experienced.

What can humanity do then? They can run to the bank; and the bankers can run to history. Instead, the Psalmist challenges us to run to the Maker of all reality—past, present and future; peoples, times, and places; and throw themselves at His feet in need. If we are wise, we will immediately give homage to the Son; we will “kiss His feet” so that God’s just wrath will be quenched. Indeed there is hope, as the Psalm continues, “Happy will be all who take refuge in Him” (v. 12).

What do you think?

If you are willing to sincerely do homage to God’s Son today, would you contact us? Even if you do not know who God’s Son is, we may just be able to point you to Him.


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