Monday, September 8, 2008


Spiritual Truths from Contemporary Life to Build You Up

I was thinking…

While in Jordan, my articulate, handsome guide pointed to the world’s tallest flagpole adorned with the national flag, one that “could be seen from any point in Amman.” We visitors sensed the pride that this giant flag would evoked among patriots.

Amman, originally uploaded by Trek the World.

In a flurry of flag-pole building activity, several national capitals across the Middle East and Central Asia are presently competing for the world’s tallest flag-pole claim. Indeed, the best-known super-tall, flag-pole builder is busy with clients from all over the region. They are soliciting his services while begging him not to build a taller one for at least one year after a nation breaks the record! 1 Those governments who are willing to hold the record for only a few weeks get a cost discount! And yet all of them try to “keep the record as long as they can…it’s a pride thingAH.”

Here’s what I think about pride-driven projects. Pride is the original and native problem of human existence. Pride is the great anti-God state of mind in sufficiency of the self over God; and an anti-people way of life in superiority of self over others. Pride gets us into great trouble with God and others.

Pride-taken after a project is accomplished is more justifiable than a pride-driven project from its startAH.

What do you think?

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