Monday, September 22, 2008

Fear --> A New Headline for Today’s News

Three newspapers I regularly read seem to have copied headlines from each other this last week of September 2008. Key repeated words include: crisis, panic, turmoil, woes, and fears. Recurring phrases in editorials include “day of reckoning,” “uncertain fate,” and “runaway greed.”

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There has not been a global financial crisis like this one in recent memory, especially since the whole world became financially integrated. Some experts are terming the crisis a “financial tsunami,” or a “financial 9/11,” though no losses of life have (yet) been reported with the crunch, squeeze, and downturn. Yes, there have been losses of job, confidence, and pride, but we don’t want to equate them with the huge losses of life, even one life, that physical disasters bring on the human race.

Decisive, quick action by those in responsible authority is needed to assure global human well-feeling. During hard times like these humans don’t feel well. They feel unsafe, uncertain, and unstable. They have to redefine what they believe provides stability in the present and security for the future.

In God’s Word, stabilizing the present and securing the future comes from rightly relating to the only One who stands above all earthly circumstance, across history, geography, and economics. I go to an all-time favorite of God’s people to provide us a new headline.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1) should be super-imposed on disturbing news headlines. God is our shelter and strength, our stability and security in every form of trouble. He is our very present help in peril, and as the future becomes present continues as our present help in tribulation.

If you are not assured of a right relationship with God, please contact us. If you are assured of a right relationship with God, please let us know too. Perhaps, we can connect our readers with each other. We look forward to showing you how you can find hope from a new headline that is just as real as today’s news.

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