Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad Habits

We have been looking at a prison view of life--or life as a prison. Some prisons relate to our limitations as human beings. Yet others are prison constructs we build for ourselves, or have let others build around us as we live life.

Bad habits are prisons which we have cultivated and accumulated over life. We started them while we were young. And we have been in their grip since then.

Take tobacco, drugs, or alcohol. What started out as a status maker has become a life breaker. You desperately want to break the habit, but you can't. You are in a habit prison.

What about other compulsions? Gambling is a habit that simply grasps you in its clasp. You started betting about simple, ordinary things. Now, your life is caught in its steel web and you can't break out. Bad habits could be beating your wife, stealing from your boss; or the compulsion of shopping with its attendant problem of getting caught in debt.

Why should you be concerned about bad habits? Because habits are actions, and actions make character. Actions write the story of life; they are the milestones and the turning points; the high points and the low points. They speak louder than words to those around you; they may even speak louder than words to yourself. Listen!

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