Friday, February 20, 2009

Evil Heart

The Heart Prison features the hard heart. There is another kind of human heart which is more deadly, and more dangerous --- the Evil heart. However good you think you are, there is a evil side to all of us. A dark side, if given the opportunity, will unleash an evil the world has never seen.

Your thoughts and intentions are simply filled with evil toward yourself, others and God. You say you don’t have an evil heart. Yes, you may not be bad as your neighbor, but you are as capable of everything your neighbor does. Believe me, only you haven't exasperated yourself as much as you have exasperated your neighbor. Would you like to be freed from you evil heartedness?

Well your heart is the control-center of your being. The control center of everything you are and do, comes from the heart. Unless your heart is reformatted and restructured you will never be released out of your heart prison. You will be a prisoner for life. You will never have hope, never have comfort, never have courage, never have goodness about you.

What does it take for you to be freed from the heart? It is a single, simple, total answer to the situation. It is God who can free you from your heart-prison.

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