Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heart Prison

Your heart may be incarcerated by one of the following: heartache; loneliness, forsakenness, lovelessness, brokenness, despair, hopelessness, faintness, or even hardness.

Hardening of the heart is far more difficult to treat than the hardening of the arteries. We have tools and technology of the finest kind to deal with arteriosclerosis. But spiritual arteriosclerosis cannot be dealt with by any human. It takes God to do that!

The callouses around your heart have been created by you to protect and defend yourself. Instead of having a tender heart and a tough skin, you have a tender skin and a tough heart--a heart as tough as a bed of nails. Tough only on the outside because on the inside you are fragile and breakable.

A hard heart is evidenced in a small heart toward others; a selfish heart towards ourselves; a cocky, prideful heart towards ourselves and others. If you are hateful, you have a hard heart. You carry a murderous intent in your heart, and that in itself is good enough to kill.

Your hard heart may be evidenced in feisty independence--you want to run your own life; you sponsor yourself; you run over people; you don't care for those around you or under you.

Well what does it take for you to be freed from the prison of the heart? There is a single, simple, total answer to the situation. Only God can free you from your heart-prison.

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