Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breaking Bad Habits

Let’s review some steps I offered you last time to breakdown the walls of a habit prison: watch out for ignorance, watch for faulty thinking, watch out for temptation, and fourth, pursue the change of behavior.

These are great steps, with no intrinsic problems with them. You may even have the desire to break your habits. Except, you don’t have a chance to break them unless you are in relationship with some one greater than your habits, and even yourself. I mean God.

So the next step is to want a relationship with the God who can help you break your own definition of life, and find his provision of life. Do that!

At that point you will receive divine resources along with God’s life to give you the power to animate and energize your will for victory and freedom, to learn new habits, to restructure your old habits. Good habits are learned the same way bad habits are learned.
Your deep-seated compulsion is driven by the unconscious. You cannot control it. So pray to the One who is able to give you a way of escape when you are tempted with evil. Use your temptation as a trigger to pray for some one else too. You will be re-patterning. You have to learn an entire different pattern of thought and life. It’s tough, but it’s possible, since you are not facing it by yourself!

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