Friday, February 27, 2009

The Mind

Of all the things we can know, how can we agree on what is important to know, so that we can know what there is to know. And if we disagree on what is important then we can never feel free the impediment of intellectual inadequacy.

In the city which I live, a radio news station has as it slogan, "all you need to know" listen to us. They make the decision as to what you need to know; but how do they know all I need to know. I have priorities of knowledge. For instance, I care more for international news than local news; what is happening in terms of human beings at a global scale; they broadcast who won the state lottery! It makes no difference to me whether someone else won the lottery! It will make a difference to me if I won the lottery, but I don't buy lottery tickets! Consequently, radio stations don't tell me what I need to know; and what about all I need to know!

The only person who can decide all that I need to know, should know all about me and reveal what I need to know about me.

Jesus has given us the basics of the basics of what we need to know. He answers the fundamental, intellectual questions that you will ever have.

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