Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Choose Life

Your body is more than your clothes, even though some say, “clothes make the person.” The person is far more important than clothes—or else you are not you when you are in the shower!

When you invite the Son of God to be your only Savior, God takes up residence inside you, inside your being, giving you power over your body, providing strength for endurance, and supplying divine help for all your problems.

So, I invite you to receive God’s life. Entrust yourself to the only God who became a human--becoming human included a human body. And then beat the biggest body problem you and I will ever face—the problem of death forever. He offers you eternal life, the very life of God. If you embrace him, the very life of God will start living inside you today.

If you don't entrust yourself to Him, you not only face the limitation of the body journeying to physical death, you will be headed on to eternal death.

We know you didn't ask to be born. But you can ask to be immediately. freed from the spiritual detriment of your body. One day you can be freed from its physical, earthly limitations as well. Your body will be unhindered, unlimited, uninhibited by space, time and death.

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