Monday, January 26, 2009

The Remedy

I have got good news for you about freedom from your life imprisonment. Our imprisonment is self imposed, which means we can ask for help to get out of our prison. This is good news because you can change your negative view of your body.

Many people dichotomize between your material part and immaterial part and feel constrained by your material part. But you shouldn't do that. Your body is not intrinsically evil. Your body is part of you. Don't separate yourself from your body. We identify and re-identify you by your body, because your body shows similarity between yesterday and today. Your body is part of the person that you call you.

Yes, the body has limitations of space and time. But it is possible to overcome those limitations eventually.

How? Let's start at the very beginning. You—which includes your body, were designed and created by God. God made the body--your body. In fact, God intricately formed you in your mother's womb. When God first made the first human body--it was perfect--it couldn't die, it couldn't deteriorate with age, it was part of man's perfect communication and communion with God.

When man rebelled against God, physical death, and its attendant conditions, aging, wrinkles, and weaknesses invaded the human race. Our bodies became subject to groaning, deterioration, and death. That's why we die, because our body dies.

Yet, I offer you the last great hope of humanity. Your body can be completely remade and restructured so that the hindrances of physical imprisonment that you presently feel will never be permanent. Would you like to know how?

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