Monday, January 19, 2009


I was thinking... about the phrase, "The bondage of the will.” Have you ever heard that phrase? We all experience it often.

Have you ever noticed that what you want to do, you don't do; what you should do, you don't do; and what you don't want to do and shouldn't do, you keep doing? Do you relate to that? It’s a universal problem.

Consider the simple matter of patience and impatience:

Let's say you are driving and somebody cuts in front of you. You hit the brakes with a vehemence and lay your hands on the horn with a vengeance. But the offender is oblivious to your attention getter. He thinks you greeted him with a rather fine "good morning." So you get even angrier. You want to cut back in front of him.

Or, you want to be more patient with your kids or your spouse, and guess what you are not! You know you should be more patient--they really haven't done anything against you. But you are impatient. It is not a case of not knowing what should be done. You are not even able to do what you know should be done. And that is frustrating!

Why? Your will is in bondage. You have to ask; who is my will serving? Can my will be freed?

What do you think?

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vinodhini said...

How true, but this seems like an never ending problem for me.... its so so difficult i feel so ashamed even to say its so difficult but even after saying and knowing its wrong i end up doing the same:(