Friday, January 23, 2009

Physical Imprisonment

I was thinking...

Have you noticed that your body, I mean your physical body, keeps following you around? You can never leave it anywhere can you? Like a coat or an umbrella that you forget?

We are geographically imprisoned because of our bodies. Unlike birds which fly, we can't carry ourselves too far. A bird just decides, revs up its wings, and flies to wherever it wants.

I wish I could fly. Humans have been ingenious in inventing automobiles and airplanes to transport us to places. But we are dependent on others to takes us places. Will I ever be free?

Others try to trick this bodily dilemma with mental maneuvers. We take mental flights into other worlds, to a netherworld and beyond. Our imagination helps us transcend bodily limitations to wherever we want.

Yet others spend time daydreaming about their future, girlfriend, or business. This amazing thing called the mind helps you move through space. One moment, I remember visiting Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, at another moment the Taj Mahal in Agra, India and yet another Empire State Building in New York. Even as I write I am able to do that, even in rapid succession. But I still am sitting inside a studio with my body hanging around all over me talking to you. Will I ever be free?

Yes, the body has limitations of space and time. But it is possible to overcome those limitations, some day, one day, eventually…and for sure.

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