Friday, January 30, 2009


Someone said, "Whenever there is a hard question, Americans will quickly give an answer whether it is wrong or right. Germans will discuss it for an hour and come with an answer. The French will talk about if for an hour and say, there is no need for an answer. An Indian will discuss it and say there is no answer."

Skepticism can imprison you. You start questioning truth and the meaningfulness of anything and everything. Actually, if you take that kind of a route, you can't prove anything. I could take the route of hard doubt and dispute every claim of yours. You will be hard put to prove that you had lunch yesterday, that you have passed high school, or that you have money in the bank. Pliny the Elder said in Historia Naturalis, "The only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain." If that is true then statement is false; if it is false, it is false any way. You can't say nothing is certain. Skepticism can become a prison, because it does not give you anything to believe. Skepticism tends to and turns to slow suicide. Everything becomes relative. There is an answer for the skeptics among you .

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BlasphmousB said...

I disagree that skepticism can improson you. In many ways questioning the ways of the world can free you from unwanted tensions like believing in things that dont exist and wasting time in meaningless worship. However it does not mean that I need to prove every little detail of my life. For eg I dont need to prove to people that I did or did not have lunch or that I have money in the bank. However, when someone comes along and tells you something simply unbelievable and wants to be taken seriously and everybody else to accept what he says as truth, questioning what he says can help people understand whether he is a fraud or not.