Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Redemption

Did you know that the Creator gave the best possible compliment to the human body, by becoming man? He chose to be born like you are. He faced blood, sweat, and tears like you do. He was hungry and thirsty like we are. He wept like we did. He knew what it is to walk in our shoes.

Later He was killed. When a person is murdered, especially in prolonged brutality, their body feels the pain. He certainly felt this pain.

So the Creator God who became man for our rescue, knew bodily imprisonment was. But it did not limit His spiritual purpose. He used His body to do God's will. I don't want a God who doesn't know what it is to live in a body like me and then face the terror and termination of death.

On the third day, after His death, the God-Man rose again. Not just in some spiritual sense, but in body.

The only way you can beat your physical imprisonment forever is to entrust yourself to the One who became a body and beat the body-problem. While alive, He served God's will; when He died, He died in God's will; when He rose again--the only self-resurrection in history, He was solving our body problem for ever.

You too can one day have a body that is unlimited, unhindered, and uninhibited. Your body need not be a spiritual detriment to your present life at all. This is His eternal offer for you – when you choose to embrace Him.

What do you think?

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