Friday, January 16, 2009


I was thinking...

Consider the prisoner who when given the opportunity to walk away from jail, to be free forever, says that he likes it in there! He gets his food, water, clothing, and shelter. He thinks to himself, "I am satisfied."

We would all think odd of the convict who wants to stay inside the jail for the rest of his life, even when the door is opened, the keys thrown away, and he could walk free. We may even have pity on him.

Has it ever occurred to you; you have been offered freedom from the spiritual sentence that you are serving in a self-made jail?

Do you need freedom, freedom from the prisons in which you live? From a body prison? You can be freed from seeing it as a detriment to viewing it as a compliment to your existence.

Do you need freedom from the soul-psychological prison in which you live? You can be freed from the histories that you have accumulated--personal, cultural, relational bondages of the past. Do you need freedom from the spiritual prison in which you find yourself? God’s Son liberates you from spiritual bondage, now and forever.

His own declaration of truth was that he came to set the captives free!

Ultimately, all bondage is sourced in your wrong doings, in your sin. God attacks the source, demolishes it, proclaims victory, so you can live and walk in freedom from wrong perspectives, practices, and prisons.

Tell me do you want to stay in prison or move out?

What do you think?

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