Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I was thinking...

By definition, God has no human limitations, earthly inhibitions, or physical hindrances. So you will never be and can never be God. You are human, and being human, you are bound and destined to be in a prison.

At this very moment, you serve a a sentence in one or more of the following prisons:

1. Everyone is imprisoned in a physical prison (we must always live life in our physical bodies).

2. Many are in a psychological prison (connected to their souls).

3. And many more are in a spiritual prison (connected their spirits).

I have news for you; there is a key that can set you free! I too served in a prison view of life. But I bring you this message not from a spiritual prison, but from the advantage of having been freed.

Of course, if life itself is the sentence, why do we put bad people under a life sentence? That practice itself tells you that there is more to this life, than spending time incarcerated in a jail..

I want to give you hope from the One who makes people free. He can free you from your charge, without charge. He frees you from your prison, and puts up a sign in front of the door saying, "no admission." Wow!

The truth shall make you free. You’ve got to receive the truth to make you free. The truth said of himself, “If the Son shall make you free you shall be free indeed.”

What do you think?

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